Identify Other Marketers in Your Niche or Industry

There are niche markets for everything under the sun so your idea for a new product or service falls into at least one of them. Think of the Internet market place as a grocery store. Imagine the aisles. There is an aisle for canned vegetables and on that aisle the different canned vegetables are categorized into asparagus, string beans, English peas, etc. If someone came up with a new variety of string beans and got it canned and to market, it would be stacked with the other canned varieties of string beansÖnot with the carrots and not with the cleaning supplies. It would be in its own niche. The developer of this new string bean would have sampled all of the other string beans on the market and figured out a way to make his different or better than what was being offered in the market place.

In the Internet market place, there are ëaislesí (niches) for all kinds of products and services. If you have an idea for accounting software, you need to look on the software aisle and find accounting software products. You need to know what is being offered and by whom. You need to identify your major marketing competitors. See what they are offering and find a way that you can do it better, cheaper, faster or more efficiently.

Once you identify your main marketing competitors, you can find out everything you need to know about them by searching the Internet. It isnít called ëthe information super highwayí for nothing. See what the competition is offering and find a way to do it better. See how they are marketing their products and find a way to market yours better. See what they are doing rightÖ.see what they are doing wrong and make use of that knowledge.