How to Go Viral with Mini E-Books

If you don’t plan to create a tidal wave of viral promotion with your mini e-books, then you might be better off promoting your business with some other form of advertising. This is because mini e-books an extremely powerful viral ability that works in forms of pre-selling, exposure, and trust-building in a way you cannot do through pay-per-click or search engine optimization.

Below are some tips on how to go viral with mini e-books:

Tip #1 on ìHow to Go Viral with Mini E-Booksî:

Upload your mini e-book to as many Bit Torrent-like systems as possible. These systems will allow people from all over the world to download your book, even if they aren’t the type of Internet-users who would normally be using e-book directories.

This is especially effective as many users of these systems believe they are downloading a product that normally has a cost for free ñ not a free product. This actually creates additional perceived value, which will give them the incentive to read it.

Tip #2 on ìHow to Go Viral with Mini E-Booksî:

Be generous. This sounds like an irrelevant principle, but it really isn’t. All great Internet marketers espouse it because it actually is true. The more incentives you provide, the more you give, and the better quality products you create, the more people will want to work with you ñ and the more people will spend money on your products.

Tip #3 on ìHow to Go Viral with Mini E-Booksî:

Create initial exclusivity. If your book is perceived to be rubbish that you are throwing into as many trash barrels as possible in hopes that someone will pick it up, few reputable site owners will actually want to be one of those trash barrels. In contrast, if you start out by restricting distributing to only 10 sites for the first two weeks, then you can create some exclusivity that will boost the perceived worth of your mini e-book.

Next time you launch a mini e-book, re-consider these important tips for going viral with mini e-books.