The One Secret to Getting Non Stop Traffic

Do you know the one secret to getting non stop traffic? If you don’t, you’re probably not getting it, are you? Interestingly enough, it’s really simple ñ and yet so complex that most people who want to make money on the Internet miss it entirely.

The secret to getting non stop traffic is giving your visitors a compelling reason to continue to come back to your site.

Put yourself in this situation. Pretend that you have a site that receives 10,000 visitors a month from natural search engine traffic. Let’s also say that this site has no mechanism for recycling traffic. Could you make money off of that traffic? Of course, you could.

Now, let’s say you have some recycling mechanism, such as a forum or an automatic ìfavoritesî pop-up. And let’s say that you are able to effectively recycle 70% of your traffic. Assuming your natural search engine rankings don’t improve, you will receive 10,000 unique visitors the first month. The second month, you will receive 17,000. The third, you will receive 24,000. The fourth, you will receive 31,000 ñ and so on.

Do you see the power of this technique? All you have to do is give visitors a reason to keep coming back; and you can do that in a number of different ways.

One way is to offer some service that they can’t get in many other places. Perhaps you could offer free image hosting. Another way is to setup a community forum, which will keep traffic returning again and again. Additionally, you could offer a free URL cloaking service or dynamic content that is updated on a daily basis.

Whatever you do, provide excellent content and tools for your visitors and they will return again and again, increasing your traffic each month, rather than leaving it stagnant, as it was in the first model.